All current Board Members are on the ballot, along with candidate Jose Camacho, whose credentials are listed below.


I am asking for your support for the upcoming Election of our Overlook Homeowners Association.

My wife, Audrey, and I moved from Florida, April 1st, 2021, to Placitas. We have enjoyed living in Overlook immensely.

In Florida, I have been involved as a Director of the H.O.A. in Miami, Dade County and Jupiter, Palm Beach.  

I was a President at both Associations, Valencia H.O.A. in Miami 10 years and at the Moorings in Jupiter for 13 years.

My Interest in Overlook is to assist in Maintaining the Values of our Community, further, work with the present Directors, work with the Members of Overlook and represent all Homeowners.

In Closing, I would appreciate your vote.

Current OLHOA Board Members

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HOA Experience 

Anita and I  have lived full-time in 3 HOAs In Bellevue, Washington and one part time in Green Valley, AZ.  I served as an at large member and vice president in my first experience on the Board of an HOA and as vice president and president in my second experience prior to relocating to Placitas.  In both prior experiences, the HOAs were governing duplexes or townhomes and the responsibilities and budgets were considerably larger than they are here.  Our budgets were several hundred thousand dollars/year and covered landscaping, external painting, re-roofing and road maintenance.  Our finances were also audited yearly.

Education & Work Experience

  • Ph.D. Clinical Psychology,  Louisiana State University
  • Faculty – Psychology Dept.  Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
    – Psychiatry Dept.  University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS
  • President, Behavioral Consultants, Jackson, MS and Seattle, WA
  • President, Institute for Motivational Development, Bellevue, WA
  • Consultant Reviewer, Social Security Disability Services,  Seattle, WA
  • Consultant Evaluator, DynCorp. Police Screening/Evaluations for positions in Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Also provided PTSD screenings/referrals on returning officers

HOA Board Experience
Elected to Overlook HOA Board – January 2022
Currently Board Vice President

    • Trans World Airlines – Ticket and Gate Agent
    • General Electric Aircraft Engine Group (32 years)
    • G.E. Machinist and Precision Grinder
    • G.E. Quality Control Inspector
    • G.E. Union Steward
    • G.E. Plant Wide Safety Inspector
    • General Contractor 6B-98 (25 years)
    • Custom Home Builder (40 years)
    • Mosaic Artist (tile Artist) (45 years)
    • Musician – Drummer (55 years)
    • Owner – Southwest Ski and Travel Club

University of New Mexico

I hope to contribute to the Board’s ongoing efforts to establish fiscal and operational transparency within our HOA, and will work to ensure that the Overlook is a safe place where residents can walk along our roads day or night, and enjoy the views and night skies without fear of harassment and idiot drivers.

Placitas is one of the few places on Earth where residents can sit with their morning coffee and hope to see wild horses, coyotes, bobcats, deer and other creatures roaming the hills. We used to be able to see the Milky Way until obtrusive exterior lighting washed it away.

Why do I mention this in my bio? Placitas is not Houston or Phoenix or the South Valley – and I wish to keep it that way. I encourage our neighbors to remove their unsightly, horse-maiming single-wire fences, turn off exterior lights, observe speed limits on our roads, and above all, contribute to the peace and tranquility that we all desire.

For those into trivia, I am a 20-year Overlook resident; an architect, writer, horse rescuer, ex-Peace Corps Volunteer; and despiser of fascism and willful ignorance. Vote for me at your peril.

Greetings from one who thrives down here below in what we have affectionately coined as “The Underlook.”  My name is Cindy Dumas.  I moved to New Mexico in the summer of 2019, and have been slowly working on my project home down here on Black Bear Point Road.  You may have seen me walking my three dogs, two of which are the size of ponies.  They are wonderfully sweet, and I assure you, also harmless.

I moved here from Richardson, Texas where I taught middle school and coached the girls’ basketball and track teams.  I have, up until this past year, been teaching at Southwest Aeronautics Mathematics and Science Academy in Albuquerque.  I believe that the climate of teaching has changed significantly, so after a bit of soul searching, I have decided to focus on a new career path (to be determined).

Following several of life’s curve balls which were thrown my way, I chose to opt for the serenity of Placitas.  I have always felt a sense of peace here in New Mexico.  I especially love this neighborhood for its abundant wildlife, scenic mountains, big skies and beautiful homes. I also have some pretty terrific neighbors! I offer my services to this community as a member who wishes to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood.  I offer patience,  peaceful negotiations and impartiality; these all being learned behaviors from years in the classroom.  I will advocate for homeowners and strive to form a cohesive community.   I appreciate the opportunity to serve on the board and look forward to meeting more of my neighbors through this endeavor

Thank you for placing your confidence in me.